Saturday, December 11, 2010

I Am Furlough Daze!

Every great blues musician has a cool moniker.  I may not be a great blues musician, but I have found my moniker.  I am Furlough Daze!  I used my new personality to record a collection of 10 blues jams for a charity fundraiser at work.  It was one of the quickest projects I have put together, and it is also one of my personal favorites.  It feels a little strange when you favorite instrumental blues CD is your own work.  But I do enjoy listening to this one a lot.

I got started on this project by entering the King of the Blues guitar contest at Guitar Center.  That got me playing many of these songs.  The band you hear on the CD is actually the contest backing tracks from Guitar Center.  (I sent them an email and they told me I could use them for the CD.)  That made the project move very quickly as I didn't have to create the whole band, just the lead guitar part.

I used three different guitars in the recording, and my Line 6 Amp Simulator.  It gives a nice variety of textures with some gentle acoustic guitar, some classic blues crunch, and some over-the-top 80's metal sounds.

The 10 tracks on this CD are:
Slow Down Blues
Stone Blues
Slow Blues
110 In The Shade
Talkin' My Baby Down
Laid Down Blues
A Minor Affair
Still In Love
Little Girl Shuffle
East Coast Blues

You can download these for free by visiting  Or if you can find me on the planet you can get a CD from me!

Stay Cool!
Furlough Daze

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