Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Stirling Engine Website

My new Stirling Engine website has been up for about a month now.  I have posted instructions and pictures describing how to build 2 different Stirling Engine designs.  I am also giving a good plug for my book.  The book is still in the hands of my peers getting some proof reading and critique.

The website is at  As of tonight I have had 399 visits from 50 countries. The site is almost a month old.  It is amazing to think that that many people from all around the world have looked into my kitchen and watched my little engines running (in a video, of course).

One of my new Stirling Engine videos has a good start on YouTube.  It has received 250 views in just one week.  I have a bunch of videos I will be posting as soon as the book is available at Amazon.  I want to wait until the book is out so that I can use the videos to direct some traffic to the book's web page.