Monday, July 16, 2012

More LTD Stirling Engines You Can Build Without a Machine Shop

I have started working on another collection of Stirling Engine plans that will become the next installment in the series of designs of Stirling Engines you can build without a machine shop.  This will be another series of LTD engines that should be capable of running from the heat of a warm hand.
The first set of LTD designs has become a popular seller.  “Three LTD Engines You Can Build Without a Machine Shop” has been selling very well in the United States, in the United Kingdom, and in Europe.  I have received inquiries asking if my books are available in German, Spanish, and Norwegian.  I also receive occasional requests for an electronic version of all three of my current books.  Publishing eBook versions of these texts is not currently in development, but will likely be happening in the future.

Several have commented on the non-traditional approach to Stirling Engine design used in the first book.  The design variations that were made were all done in order to reduce friction and make a true LTD engine possible without a machine shop.  This new project will create a series of LTD engines that follow in the spirit of the traditional pancake style LTD engine. 
The current outline for the new book has 4 engine designs with a variety of configuration options.  If you include all the configuration variations (large, small, round, or square) there will be 12 complete sets of plans in the new book.

The book will be written with the worldwide audience in mind.  Measurements will be primarily in inches with the metric equivalents shown.  The parts and materials needed for construction will be very affordable and should be available worldwide.  Alternative materials and building techniques will be provided so that builders will have options to choose from when assembling their own engines.